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Discovering The Treasuries of the Nile, by Guest Writer, outstanding doctor and friend, Dr. Raul Barrios

Dr. Raul has an impressive background having studied and worked all around the world. To see his bio: Discovering the treasures of the Nile I have been following with excitement my friend Jim’s blog and promised to make a small contribution. On the day of his birthday I decided to start writing about theContinue reading “Discovering The Treasuries of the Nile, by Guest Writer, outstanding doctor and friend, Dr. Raul Barrios”

Yerevan, Armenia

While living in Abu Dhabi I had always wanted to go to Armenia which was a short flight from Dubai… About three hours. The capital is Yerevan and we went with our 15 month year old twins. Traveling with children can be a challenge. We took a 90 minute taxi to Dubai and then hadContinue reading “Yerevan, Armenia”


Oman was the first country I traveled to outside of Qatar when I first arrived in the Middle East. I went to Muscat, the capital. It was hot and of course seemed a little exotic. I loved the Rocky landscape, the lengthy coastline and beautiful Wadis to hike and swim in. It is a countryContinue reading “DIBBA, Oman”

Miracle Gardens, Dubai

The Miracle Gardens are located in Dubai. As with many things there it tries to be the biggest, best and most unique. It is a bit contrived but worth a quick visit and walk around.

BENTOTA, Sri Lanka

I have been to Bentota or close by four times. It is an hour plus in taxi from the airport and you are near the beach. What I enjoyed most there was renting a scooter and trying to get lost. That was my goal each day. Take a turn off the main coastal highway andContinue reading “BENTOTA, Sri Lanka”


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