Qasr al Hosn Festival, Abu Dhabi

The Qasr Al Hosn Festival in Abu Dhabi is a wonderful 11 day event that celebrates the Heritage of the UAE. The UAE works hard to preserve its cultural Heritage. Before oil in the 60s, life was hard living in the desert. Fishing, the pearl industry and dates are a big part of that history. Water was not always produced from desalination. The Qasr Al Hosn was located near a critical water well. Fast forward to the present and 85% of the residents are from outside the country. So to preserve the cultural heritage takes a great effort.

Map showing the regions of dates
Many varieties of dates

One of the great things about the festival is that it takes place in the shadows of the ultra modern World Trade Center buildings, which provides a great contrast. The festival includes education about dates, how they are harvested and their many varieties. Fishing techniques are demonstrated and birds of prey are showcased flying around a small stadium like area. Old weaving techniques are shared and traditional dances executed. It was fun to bring our twins to interact with all of the people. A very worthwhile event to attend.

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