The “Makito,” and phone theft protection strategy in the Dominican Republic

As some of you may recall I was robbed of my cellphone in broad daylight waiting to board a bus in Santo Domingo a couple of weeks ago. It created more than a few problems for me.

Phone that was stolen

I had so much data and documents on there that are simply gone. By good fortune, I had brought an old phone as backup that day. Lucky I did that. As a result I developed a new system.

My back up, in money belt

In the DR, theft is so rampant that people often don’t carry their good phone in public. Sad but true. Before the theft I had only carried my phone a handful of times in three months. However it bothered me that I could not call my wife if I was at the store or wanted to share a thought.

My new Huawei

In steps the, “Makito.” I do not know the origin of the name, but it is basically a throwaway phone. So now I carry my little 10 dollar phone and proudly welcome the thieves.

My Makito

Today I am traveling across the country in a bus, so have three phones. My Makito in my front pants pocket, my new Huawei phone in a velcro closed front pocket and my old Samsung backup in a money belt hidden under my pants around my waste. I am prepared for all scenarios now. Hail the Makito!

Money belt works well

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