Mina Port, Abu Dhabi

Much of Abu Dhabi and Dubai is very modern with over the top malls. A great contrast to that is the Mina Port area that has a wonderful fruit and vegetable market and a huge seafood market.

I often rode my bike along the Corniche to arrive at this colorful part of Abu Dhabi. There are also pet shops, furniture stores and restaurants that serve laborers. Great place to sip a tea and watch people. We would often go there to buy fruit and vegetables, typically from people of many different nationalities. After buying fruit and vegetables we could go to the seafood market where one could buy the seafood, have it cleaned and then cooked on the spot. There is a plant market nearby as well, so one could make a day special there.

I rented jetskis there more than once. It was wonderful to cruise by the old wooden boats and get a view of the Abu Dhabi skyline. Mina is truly one of the underrated gems of Abu Dhabi.

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