Motocicletas (Motorcycles)

One of the things you will notice in the Dominican Republic is that there are motorcycles everywhere. Mainly small ones…but every imaginable type and vintage with lots of scooter type vehicles. They buzz about chaotically with few rules seeming to apply. Red lights are meaningless. They often go as fast as their throttle allows andContinue reading “Motocicletas (Motorcycles)”


Platanos…bananas…but it is so much more. In the Dominican Republic, bananas are everywhere, but usually looking at Platanos (plantains). The bananas I ate my whole childhood are referred to as guineo. There are many varieties of platanos, but the best are considered to be the criollos. I asked what the difference was an it seemsContinue reading “Platanos”

Mal de Ojo y Brujas (The Evil Eye and Witches)

Mal de Ojo y Brujas (Evil eye and witches) I was going to write about myths in the Dominican Republic as I had listened to many stories that appeared to be legends or myths. Then I realized that what appeared to me as myths are actually beliefs and traditions. Religion, magic and superstitions are allContinue reading “Mal de Ojo y Brujas (The Evil Eye and Witches)”