More photos from Dubai

Beautiful mosque and my daughter
Carpets and lamps in a souq (market)
Burj al Arab, a seven star hotel
Falcons play a big part in the heritage of the UAE
This is an outdoor sitting area in the theme of the majlis room where people often gather
Photos of the royal family are proudly displayed. Emiratis revere their leaders.
A boatride across Dubai Creek. You pay by putting one dirham (around 30 US cents) by yhe pilot.
There is a huge variety of dates in the UAE. There are entire festivals and contests that involve them. During Ramadan, the holy month, after fasting all day, observers break their fast with an Iftar meal. It is traditional to eat two dates as this is said to prepare the stomach for the meal.
Some incredibly expensive gold jewelry in the gold souq. Indians comprise over 40 percent of the population in Dubai and are known for investing in gold.
A light display near the fountains outside Dubai Mall, which I believe is the largest mall in the world. Emiratis know how to shop. The air conditioned areas are a respite from the blazing heat which exceeds (50 degrees C) 120 degrees F at times in the summer
There is something around every corner in Dubai

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