Umm al Emarat Park, Abu Dhabi, UAE (Mother of the Nation Park)

One of the spectacular aspects of Abu Dhabi besides being the safest city in the world is that there are parks, venues and activities for families that are free or affordable. This incredibly groomed, expansive park in the heart of the city is one of the jewels.
Near the entrance of the park. They bring new features on a regular basis, such as art activities in the evening for children and a farmer’s market set up on saturdays
In the background you can see one of the large grass fields.
If you look carefully, the pillars have water running down them over inscriptions in beautiful Arabic.
The trails are many. There are multiple playgrounds, large fields, a children’s zoo of sorts and several fountain areas that children can play in.
Immaculate landscaping
Feeding the goats was the twins’ favorite stop.
Many different spaces to explore.
The cactus garden was one of the highlights for me, but one has to keep an eye on the children.
The structure in the background is a conservatory of sorts for plants. You can take an elevator up to the third level and get a view out over the park and part of the city.
The bridge goes to an island that is set up for beach and athletic activities. There are bike trails, athletic fields, food trucks and playgrounfs on the beach
Outstanding place for families

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