The Corniche, Abu Dhabi, UAE

What can I say about this very special place? The Corniche is an 8km stretch along the waterfront in the heart of Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is the capitol of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). There are seven Emirates in the UAE, which I will discuss in another post. lived within walking distance and every morning I would take an hour long walk in the darkness and the dawn. Sometimes I would swim a few hundred meters. Great way to start the day. At one end of the Corniche you will find outstanding fresh fruit, vegetable and seafood markets. On the other end the other worldly Emirates Palace and Qasr al Watan.

Our twins in front of the public Corniche beach. There are many sections of beaches. Some have restaurants and coffee shops nearby. Others have nice grassy areas with palm trees. There is a wide walkway that is often filled with bicycles, walkers, families, electrical scooters and more. On fridays, which is the holy day many of the expat laborers crowd the beaches. Most stretches of the beach are free. Uniquely there are also family beaches that cost less than three dollars to enter. With two-thirds of the residents in the country being males, this kind of strategy makes it more comfortable for many. In the background, the two towers to the right with slanted roofs are the World Trade Center buildings, which have apartments, a upscale market, restaurants and many shops.
In this photo, Marina Mall is in the background with a ferris wheel in front. The view from there is nice. At the top of the tower is a 360 degree restaurant.
Across from the Corniche is a cultural center that celebrates Emirati culture. The view is spectacular. One of my favorite bicycle destinations.
This is a view of the sensational national palace where the congress meets. It is called, “Qasr al Watan” and is more spectacular inside than out. I took this photo from a jetski if my memory is clear.
My little boy loved Corniche Beach. I cannot imagine a safer city in which to raise children.
I finally learned how to paddleboard
Spectacular sunsets
This is just a cool photo while walking the twins. Love the colors.
Beautiful sunsets were common as sometimes you don’t see rain for an entire year. I believe the flagpole is one of the tallest in the world.
The UAE has gone from a desert country to one of the most modern countries in the world. I enjoyed the mixing of old and new as with this wooden dhow in front of ultra modern buildings.
My special bicycle
On the left you have the massive ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) building. On the right you have the Etihad Towers and some luxury hotels.
The parks are immaculately groomed
This is shot from the Radisson Blue Hotel. You can pay a fee for a day pass. Notice the shisha pipe on the left. Shisha is ever present.
The Emirates Palace, where you can enter for free to one of the most opulent buildings in the world. I have includef this here as it is located at the end of the Corniche.
The Founder’s memorial in the foreground honoring Sheik Zayed, the father of the country and The Etihad Towers behind.
Corniche Road at night
Corniche Road day time

Writing this makes me wonder why I ever left. More on Abu Dhabi and the UAE soon.

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    Thanks for the follow and all the best with your blog

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