Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

When we arrived in Abu Dhabi in 2012, we visited The Emirates Palace because we heard it was free to enter. My goodness…we were awestruck. After passing the guards and handing our keys to the valet parking attendant, it was as if we stepped into another world.
As with so many very special things in Abu Dhabi, entry is free. In front of the palace you have an expansive view over fountains, looking out at the stunning Etihad Towers. The garden surrounding the palace is gorgeous.one can stay in the hotel as a guest but we never did that. The hotel was finished in 2005 and has almost 400 rooms with some suites for royal guests. The suites are furnished in gold and marble. There are over 1000 chandeliers with the heaviest being 2.5 tons. There are two helicopter landing pads. We didn’t enter in that manner.
After entering you are allowed to wander around much of the building. The interior work leaves one spellbound. There are many works of art and high end shops available.
The famous Emirates Palace Capuccino with gold flakes on the surface. We always took visitors there.
The Christmas displays were brilliantly done. Live classical music and choirs would perform at different times.
My wife and Sheik Zayed
One of the entrances. Our university’s commencement took place at the Palace one year
Testing out my camera
My wife enjoyed the beautiful flower displays.
This is a photo of one of the grand entrances that I took on one of my 5 AM walks.
The Emirates Palace from the water. It has an excellent beach for guests.
Great place to take the kids and family photos.
A night view from The Emirates Palace looking out at the Etihad Towers.
The twins posing in front of paintings of Sheik Zayed the founder of the UAE and his son, the current ruler.
The Etihad Towers in the background looking out from the palace.
Christmas and the lighting of the tree is a big event each year. What many people don’t understand is that Jesus (Issa) is much revered in Islam. The UAE, although an Islamic country, is very accepting of other religions. They have constructed Hindu Temples, Catholic churches and recently hosted the Pope.
The children were always treated so well.
One of our favorite things to do when visiting The Emirates Palace, was to have a coffee in the fancy cafe where music was often playing. The coffee was celebrating “The Year of Tolerance.” Very much a celebration of diversity. Each year the country had a theme. One year was the year of giving. Government employees like myself received an extra month salary.
Yours truly in front of Sheik Zayed displaying the symbol made famous by the ruler of Dubai.

If visiting Abu Dhabi there are many must see places. The list includes: The Emirates Palace; Qasr al Watan; The Louvre Museum; The Etihad Towers; The Sheik Zayed Mosque

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