Human Culture is like the Sea and the Earth

Human cultures are much like the sea or the earth. What you see on the surface is a result of invisible forces that one cannot deeply comprehend without going deep.

Even after exploring the depths one will never fully understand the currents and tremors that have created the culture. Even those born in a culture may be unaware of many of these influences.

From my experience in foreign cultures, typically there are first impressions (the surface). These impressions are adjusted dramatically after significant time periods (after experiencing a few metaphorical earthquakes or underwater currents).

Whenever you think you “have it,” there is always an unexpected surprise. I am now reflecting that I have been away from my original culture for so long that I am now entering a foreign culture there.

I guess the takeaway is don’t give too much credence to your first impressions and don’t pass judgment. Keep digging and swimming.

Published by jimboyce44

World Traveler, Educator, Father, Husband, Son

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