Why Travel?

If someone asked me what I enjoy doing or what hobbies I have, invariably I have to say traveling. I enjoy athletics, was immersed in running marathons, have learned several languages, enjoy music, etcetera. But…I love travel. The big question is why?

Today I decided to google search why others travelled and see how it related to me. I found long lists. The lists included: learning about other cultures; learning new languages; advenure; gaining perspective; opening your mind; challenging yourself; to create meaningful relationships and memories; to provide you with good stories; to learn about yourself; to move on from something and more

For me, I find myself the most alive when I am traveling. In my day to day routine, life becomes routinized. I wake up the same time, eat the same foods, drive the same routes, do mainly the same things. Sometimes it feels like sleepwalking. As a result I spend too much time introspecting or pondering unproductive things.

When travelling, I am pulled outside of myself and must be aware of my new environment. Things as simple as ordering a coffee require me to communicate in other languages, calculate exchange rates and figure out how to do it. Different smells, different sights, different sounds and places to get lost. All is new. It forces me to wake up and leave redundant thoughts behind. I am alive!

I love to travel😊

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World Traveler, Educator, Father, Husband, Son

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