Discovering The Treasuries of the Nile, by Guest Writer, outstanding doctor and friend, Dr. Raul Barrios

Dr. Raul has an impressive background having studied and worked all around the world. To see his bio: Discovering the treasures of the Nile I have been following with excitement my friend Jim’s blog and promised to make a small contribution. On the day of his birthday I decided to start writing about theContinue reading “Discovering The Treasuries of the Nile, by Guest Writer, outstanding doctor and friend, Dr. Raul Barrios”

Two days in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

I have traveled to Sri Lanka six times, so clearly I am fond of it. Recently it was ranked the number one travel destination in the world. Unfortunately a terrible terrorist attack occurred shortly after. The terrorist attack occurred on Easter Sunday and killed almost 300 people. There were eight explosions. It is a countryContinue reading “Two days in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka”

The “worst” race that led to a National Championship

I am very big for a marathon runner at 6´2″ and around 190 pounds for races. Typically people my size can run a marathon but finish quite slowly. In fact, one year, I was running the Portland Marathon in my quest to break three hours and you have an option of getting weighed beforehand toContinue reading “The “worst” race that led to a National Championship”

Scary boat mishap – Maldives

We were staying on Biyadhoo Island in the Maldives having a blissful, relaxing week. Sensational snorkeling daily. They offered a boat trip that would take you out to swim with the enormous manta rays. As we were boarding the boat I noticed there weren’t any life preservers so I asked them to provide one forContinue reading “Scary boat mishap – Maldives”