Louvre Museum, Abu Dhabi

The Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi is spectacular. I am not a big museum fanatic, but this museum is something special. The building itself is a marvel and the spaces within and around the art are pleasant and relaxing. The museum was design to be a bridge between the art if the East and the West. It does include dynamic pieces from a variety of time periods and geographic locations. The museum opened in 2017 and we went around five times. There is a children’s museum and activities for them.

I don’t recall the exact number, but the museum is organized into a number of rooms that have a manageable amount of displays in each. I don’t feel overwhelmed there as I do with many museums. The pieces present are of super high quality. I particularly enjoy the room that celebrates many religions of the world.

The twins and an ancient King
Wife and twins below sensational roof
My oldest daughter and I in front of one of the sea pools
Fantastic play and educational areas for kids
View out on to the sea from one of the outdoor aread

The open areas under the spectacular roof are incredibly relaxing. As the museum was designed to appear to be floating on the sea you can peer out to sea while the light patterns from above decorate the area. The engineers realised the “floating dome” from 7,850 aluminium stars of varying sizes, which tessellate over eight layers to create a perforated roof structure that allows sunlight through to the spaces below.

Special view of the exterior with my daughte

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is one of a kind and a great way to spend part of a day. Definitely a must see in Abu Dhabi

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