Qasr al Watan, Abu Dhabi

Qasr al Watan, which means. “Palace of the Nation,” is also referred to as the Presidential Palace. It is where the supreme council and federal cabinet hold meetings. It was not open to the public until March of 2019.

Nothing prepared me for the grandeur of this place. The outside is very impressive but when you enter through the oversized doors, the scale and craftsmanship of it is staggering. It has some wonderful small rooms off to the sides that hold historical pieces and gifts from visiting dignitaries. There is also a nice cafe, but the real show is the buolding itself. Unlike many things in Abu Dhabu this costs around 16 dollars per person. There is also a spectacular night show outside with dramatic lighting and music.

My beautiful wife and twins
The doors are immense
This is an amzing piece
Impressive chandeliers and ceiling work to say the least
This is an amazing structure with Arabic script but I do not recall what it said.
The view of the palace from the water
Etihad Towers in the background
My daughter. Waiting for the evening show
Dining area
Daughter and I
Large spaces and gardens outside
Great spot for a photo

Watch “Explore Qasr Al Watan in numbers” on YouTube

I recommend visiting late afternoon so that you can catch the evening light show

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