The Maldives is a one of a kind country. Paradise on earth one might say. The word ethereal comes to mind. Both times that I was there I felt as though I had left the earth. The rest of the world becomes a distant memory when there. Typically one flies into the big island, Mahe and then takes a speedboat or seaplane out to one of the many islands. They are usually one resort islands that you can walk around very easily.

The Maldives is an Islamic country that over 1000 coral islands that stretch over 500 miles in the Indian Ocean. It is the lowest country in the world with a high point of under eight feet!

Each island resort is different. It can be extremely expensive, but if you book far ahead at the right time of year there are some reasonable deals. Both places we stayed were not luxury hotels but very comfortable. Both places the snorkeling was amazing. You can charter other activities like dolphin viewing cruises, swimming with manta rays and fishing or you can just hang out.

The Maldives are a dream come true and I highly recommend it, but carefully plan if you need to stay within a budget.

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