Bahrain Weekend Trip

Denny and I decided to take a quick weekend trip from Abu Dhabi to Manama, Bahrain. It is about an hour flight and quite cheap. Bahrain is an extremely small country. It is located close to Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Qatar is tiny but much bigger than Bahrain. There are around 1.5 million citizens.

We stayed in the city at a nice hotel where Denny went to sleep quickly the first night. I went out to a nearby hotel and was met with a wild nightlife. After living in the UAE and Qatar in the Gulf I was accustomed to pretty tame behavior. Bahrain is very liberal relatively speaking. The Saudis drive across the 16 mile causeway bridge and go crazy partying in Bahrain on the weekends because they can’t do it at home. The bars were full of music, booze and women from all around the world.

Anyway, we explored Bahrain a little bit the following two days. One thing that is different in the UAE is our work week was Sunday to Thursday and Friday and Saturday were the weekend.

Flamingos are native to Bahrain

We went to a local mall and to a Souq (market) and to a nice little zoo. We rented a car and drove out through oil rigs and the desert to a famous tree called, “the tree of life.” I don’t recall the story behind it but pretty miraculous to have such a big tree survive out there.

The Tree of Life
At the Souq

Bahrain experienced some disturbances during the Arab Spring and it appears to be impacted by Saudi and Iran as a proxy, but I am not an expert on that. They do host a Formula I event and rank highly as a place for expats to work. Bahrain was pleasant but nothing super remarkable. Glad we made it to the tree of life😊🌲

Love this picture of my lovely wife

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