Kochi, India

Living in the Middle East for almost nine years, I was surrounded by many people from India. There are many more Indians in the UAE than there are Emiratis. In the States I had always been intrigued by India. It seemed so exotic. To be quite honest, after living in the Middle East India wasn’t seeming as alluring.

Traditional dance… Had no idea what was happening
Beautiful clothing

I had started the process to get a visa there many times, but always found it cumbersome and expensive. Finally I decided to go for it. In fact I decided to use the trip as a time to decide if and when I would reside from my job in Abu Dhabi. My twins were just over a year old and my parents 90. I wanted to figure out a way to spend more time with them.

For the red spots on your forehead

I got my visa and booked a flight on Air India to Kochi, India. It is in the state of Kerala where many workers in Abu Dhabi are from. A beautiful region famous for its greenery and canals with houseboats. I will tell you, I am so happy I took this trip!

I decided within an hour of taking off that I would resign from my position upon returning to Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately or fortunately I stayed another 10 months due to policies. All went well.

Beautiful big trees
Looks like 1984

I stayed in a little motel on a main street for about 25 dollars a night. It was not far from the famous Chinese fishing nets in the water. I loved walking around town each day just taking in the colorful atmosphere. Colorful clothing, spicy smells in the air and friendly people. The town has so many large, shade producing trees that add a lot to the environment. Fort Kochi is the area I stayed near.

I went and saw a traditional dance that was colorful and for me odd, as I didn’t understand the theme. There was a phenomenal thunder, lightning and rainstorm that happened when I was out to dinner. I ended up walking down a completely dark street with water up to my shins to get back to the motel. It was a great place to buy clothes for my kids and wife. I truly had a wonderful three days there.

Amazing lady made bracelets for Robert and Aisha
Incredible rain, thunder and lightning storm
The three wheeled tuk tuks
My coffee spot
Another coffee place
Just about walked into this on the sidewalk
Making jewelry

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