Platanos…bananas…but it is so much more. In the Dominican Republic, bananas are everywhere, but usually looking at Platanos (plantains). The bananas I ate my whole childhood are referred to as guineo. There are many varieties of platanos, but the best are considered to be the criollos. I asked what the difference was an it seemsContinue reading “Platanos”

Mal de Ojo y Brujas (The Evil Eye and Witches)

Mal de Ojo y Brujas (Evil eye and witches) I was going to write about myths in the Dominican Republic as I had listened to many stories that appeared to be legends or myths. Then I realized that what appeared to me as myths are actually beliefs and traditions. Religion, magic and superstitions are allContinue reading “Mal de Ojo y Brujas (The Evil Eye and Witches)”