Living out of a van in Southwest America

During the work on the Pacific Crest Trail,  we had learned that the team had won a bid for a 50 mile stretch of trail near Big Sur in California. It was in the La Ventana Wilderness Area. It was to be a 6 month job paying 25 dollars an hour, which seemed like aContinue reading “Living out of a van in Southwest America”

Trapped by a Flood in Andorra Part II

The rain continued for around 24 hours and by that time the devastation was becoming obvious. I remember over hearing of multiple deaths, but I was not completely aware of how bad the situation was. In one sense it was kind of exciting because it is not an everyday event. All the power was out andContinue reading “Trapped by a Flood in Andorra Part II”

Amazing Iceland Road Trip with My Son

I dedicate this entry to my son, Gregory Orion Boyce. While I was living in Abu dhabi and my son was in the USA, I had him choose places for us to travel to. His first choice was Panama and then the next trip was Iceland. I must say he made great picks. When weContinue reading “Amazing Iceland Road Trip with My Son”