Entry 2 From The Norwegian Pig Farm

Arriving on the farm in Norway was an abrupt change from a rather whimsical life of travel. When I arrived on Brekke Gard as the farm was named, I had been on the road almost seven months. While traveling I made plans as they came up. I would always buy a big paper map ofContinue reading “Entry 2 From The Norwegian Pig Farm”

How did I end up working on a pig farm in Norway?

In September, 1982, I set out on a journey. I left home and when asked when I would return, I could honestly answer, “possibly never.” My whole life had been planned up until that point with school, work, etcĂ©tera always being predictable. I wanted for one time in my life to have a blank pageContinue reading “How did I end up working on a pig farm in Norway?”