Some characters from Norway

I have about 8 book-sized journals in a box at my parents house in Shoreline, Washington with detailed descriptions of each day I was traveling. Unfortunately all I am writing from now is my memory from 37 years ago. I was very disciplined about writing there and did it daily. My day was not completeContinue reading “Some characters from Norway”

Hiking in Norway…Midnight Sun and Hardanger Vidda

One of the amazing things in Norway is the many places to go hiking. In the Winter, Norwegians “Ga Pa Ski” (cross country ski) a lot. In the Summers these same areas become accessible on foot for hiking. I spent probably a month in the mountains and rarely saw another person. I enjoyed the solitudeContinue reading “Hiking in Norway…Midnight Sun and Hardanger Vidda”

Entry 2 From The Norwegian Pig Farm

Arriving on the farm in Norway was an abrupt change from a rather whimsical life of travel. When I arrived on Brekke Gard as the farm was named, I had been on the road almost seven months. While traveling I made plans as they came up. I would always buy a big paper map ofContinue reading “Entry 2 From The Norwegian Pig Farm”

How did I end up working on a pig farm in Norway?

In September, 1982, I set out on a journey. I left home and when asked when I would return, I could honestly answer, “possibly never.” My whole life had been planned up until that point with school, work, etcĂ©tera always being predictable. I wanted for one time in my life to have a blank pageContinue reading “How did I end up working on a pig farm in Norway?”