El barrio parece como una familia (The neighborhood appears to be like one family)-A special place

In the city of San Francisco de Macoris (population around 125,000), which is one of the 10 largest cities in the Dominican Republic, there is a small, special neighborhood where I live. This is the view from behind the neighborhood. At the base of the hill is the river Jaya which is surrounded by lush plant growth and a nice variety of trees.
My Wife oftens says something to the effect of, “it is really like one big house or one big family as everybody lives so close together” and there is very little privacy. This is a view from our stairs where the neighbors raise roosters. So we never have to worry about sleeping too much. On this day a tree was being removed using a machete. Tough work!
This is the view from our kitchen. One can see the density of living.
The passageways are so narrow that in places somebody with broad shoulders might not fit. While walking by neighbors you are often within a couple feet of their door or window. The doors are typically left open for airflow. Because of this it is common to see people eating, watching television, etc.
From our balcony on the second floor we have a great view of all the activity. There is a constant flow of people going to work, coming to the Colmado (store) to buy something or just visiting neighbors. The sound of passing motorcycles often interrupts conversations. From the balcony one can hear multiole conversations and the cacophony of the neighborhood. Children crying, parents yelling, roosters crowing, the saw at the furniture shop at work. Never a quiet moment.
When passing neighbors they commonly greet you with, “Como esta ud?” (How are you?), “Adios!”(to God), or “Todo bien?” (All well?).
Clothes are typically dried hanging on wires or laid on the aluminum roofing.
Although I chose to not show many pictures of people, they are often sitting outside on plastic chairs. It is cooler outside than inside and electricity is relatively expensive, so better to be outside. Everything happens outside. Children playing, pedicures being done, working on motorcycles, playing cards or just hanging out.
The large black water reservoirs are common. The water heats up in the sun of the day if you want a warm shower.
When walking the alleyway, you will often here the sound of motorcycles approaching from the other direction and know to get out of the way.
Not sure if this cat belongs to anybody
A motorcycle by the River Jaya.
Love the palm trees
There are several paths in the neighborhood. On Sundays loud music can be heard throughout the day. The range of music includes Bachata, Reggaeton, Merengue and others. Wherever you are you can hear music.
With the living areas being so close together you can clearly hear conversations from all your neighbors.
Some of the houses have bright coloring.
Neighbors flying a chichigua (kite) from their roof
One of the positives is everybody is familiar with each other although some would desire more privacy.
Here is a narrow one
A complex nexus of wires
My twins in their new home. Such structures are typical for purposes of security.

I am new to the neighborhood but feel very welcome and happy to be here, “Gracias a Dios.” (Thanks to God)

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4 thoughts on “El barrio parece como una familia (The neighborhood appears to be like one family)-A special place

  1. Thanks Jim for the lovely tour.
    I really enjoyed the pictures and the scenery. However, your describition is a breath taking.
    Please do keep us entertained, informed and wondered.


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