Getting a Driver’s License in the Dominican Republic

We moved to the Dominican Republic in March of 2020 during the onset of the pandemic. We had many different plans, but of course due to Covid, those plans were altered. My wife is from the Dominican Republic, so we decided to purchase a house in the Bavaro area. One problem was that I wasContinue reading “Getting a Driver’s License in the Dominican Republic”

Renewing passports

While the US passport is desired by many in the world for a variety of reasons, renewing it is highly inefficient, expensive and takes a ridiculous amount of time. The US passport ranks behind about 20 other countries now. This is based on how many countries one can travel to without visa or gettingContinue reading “Renewing passports”

Robbed in Santo Domingo

So finally I was going somewhere out of town since Covid 19 hit. I took a bus to the Capitol, Santo Domingo and was waiting in the office area to board the bus. It was a little strange to be on the road, but I was hoping it would be another positive travel experience. IContinue reading “Robbed in Santo Domingo”

San Francisco de Macoris to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on Caribe Tours Bus

Today I am actually traveling. Hard to believe and a bit unsettling. The bus allows us to use about half of the seats and we are all wearing masks. I got a ride to the bus station at 530 AM on the back of Piru’s motorcycle. Something invigorating about feeling the cool of the morningContinue reading “San Francisco de Macoris to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on Caribe Tours Bus”

Tubis, Rolos and Redecillas in the Dominican Republic

Dedicated to my wonderful wife who is so beautiful she doesn’t need beauty salons In the Dominican Republic, women taking care of their hair plays a significant role in the culture. Beauty salons in general are a huge part of the social fabric. Pedicures, manicures, eyebrow cleaning, hair coloring, drying and of course all theContinue reading “Tubis, Rolos and Redecillas in the Dominican Republic”