Two days in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka

I have traveled to Sri Lanka six times, so clearly I am fond of it. Recently it was ranked the number one travel destination in the world. Unfortunately a terrible terrorist attack occurred shortly after. The terrorist attack occurred on Easter Sunday and killed almost 300 people. There were eight explosions.

It is a country that had recently recovered from a Civil War that went from 1983 to 2009 to become a top tourist destination. So many people in the country were benefitting from the tourism when the terrorist attack set everything back. The country is a mixture of Bhuddists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians. 70 percent are Bhuddist. I first traveled there in 2011 and went there five more times. I honestly have not visited much of the country, which I hear is magnificent. My time has mainly been spent on the South coast between Negombo and Hikkaduwa. I have been to Bentota a couple times and Induruwa a couple of times.

Why? From Abu Dhabi it is a less than four hour flight leaving after midnight. You arrive in the early morning hours and take a taxi to wherever you are going. The first time there, there was a Bhuddist ceremony at five in the morning with marchers carrying flames. Incredibly exotic to drive by at that hour.

On this entry I only provide photos of Hikkaduwa. There is something magical about flying from the dry Middle East and waking up in the lush environs of Sri Lanka. On this trip, I left my lovely wife behind as she was five months pregnant. On the drive from the airport I fell asleep and occasionally awoke to see the green hills and rain falling. My lodging was less than 20 dollars per night and was located near the train tracks. The power went out and so did I. I fell asleep and it was blissful.

The weekend involved walking around town in pouring rain. It was very quiet and peaceful. Everything I wore was soaking wet but I enjoyed the time greatly as I always have in Sri Lanka.

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