Olympia, Washington May 16, 2004

It had been five years since I first thought of running a marathon in under three hours. It had become very elusive. I had tried everything I could with training techniques, diet, mental preparation, strategies during the race and so on. I had been working on the breathing technique that I had read about andContinue reading “Olympia, Washington May 16, 2004”

Trying to break three hours in the Marathon

My first marathon was in 1997 and the Boston Marathon was my fourth race. I had reduced my time each race and finished in3:05:11. It seemed to me that the magical three hour mark should be within reach. But as in life, good things seem to take time and effort. The next race I scheduledContinue reading “Trying to break three hours in the Marathon”

First Marathon – Seattle

I can’t believe how little I knew before I ran my first marathon. I had been training all alone and somehow thought that if I ran some long runs on the weekends, I would be able to make the 26.2 miles on race day. I ran a fair amount in training, but didn’t really haveContinue reading “First Marathon – Seattle”