My attempt to break the five minute mile at age 45

2004 was a great year for me running. I broke three hours in the marathon and won trophies at the national masters race. In Puyallup, Washington they have a wonderful Summer track and field program for all ages. They have meets once or twice a week at Sparks stadium. I would go there with friends,Continue reading “My attempt to break the five minute mile at age 45”

What happened after breaking 3 hours in the Marathon, or What do you do when you achieve a goal you worked towards for years?

In May of 2004, I finally broke three hours in the marathon. I actually blew it away. Ran a 2:55:52! I had no idea what to do after that. I always had running goals, but for some reason after the three hours, I was struggling to find a suitable goal. I did run several moreContinue reading “What happened after breaking 3 hours in the Marathon, or What do you do when you achieve a goal you worked towards for years?”

Olympia, Washington May 16, 2004

It had been five years since I first thought of running a marathon in under three hours. It had become very elusive. I had tried everything I could with training techniques, diet, mental preparation, strategies during the race and so on. I had been working on the breathing technique that I had read about andContinue reading “Olympia, Washington May 16, 2004”

Trying to break three hours in the Marathon

My first marathon was in 1997 and the Boston Marathon was my fourth race. I had reduced my time each race and finished in3:05:11. It seemed to me that the magical three hour mark should be within reach. But as in life, good things seem to take time and effort. The next race I scheduledContinue reading “Trying to break three hours in the Marathon”

The Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon takes place right around tax time on Patriots Day I believe they call it. Hard to believe that in my first three marathons I had taken 42 minutes time off my initial race time and now was running in the famous Boston Marathon. One thing that I had not done was travelContinue reading “The Boston Marathon”

Chewing Qat in Ethiopia and Coffee Celebration

I had the good fortune of traveling to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia several years ago for four days. Talk about exciting. For this entry I will mainly discuss the chewing of qat, which I experienced and the coffee celebration which I only observed. Both are very social activities in the Ethiopian culture. Both provide stimulants,Continue reading “Chewing Qat in Ethiopia and Coffee Celebration”

Second and Third Marathons

After my first marathon, I didn’t have any major goals but knew that it couldn’t be any more unpleasant than running on a cold day in Seattle. I chose to run a marathon in Olympia, Washington called the Capital City Marathon because it is in the capital of the State of Washington. It was inContinue reading “Second and Third Marathons”