The Visa Run to Kish Island, Iran

I had never heard of a visa run before. I had just been hired as the director of a program at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi. We arrived in Abu Dhabi from Doha, Qatar and I was immersed in my new job, finding a place to live and so on. Technically I was provided aContinue reading “The Visa Run to Kish Island, Iran”

Passports and Passport Stamps If you copy and paste the above link into your browser, it will take you to a site that ranks passports. It indicates the number of countries the passport holder can enter without a visa, visa on arrival and/or if you need to arrange the visa before entering a country. When I first startedContinue reading “Passports and Passport Stamps”

Coming Home From Alaska

The tugboat and barge would go along the Yukon River and then come back to Nenana to stock up for the next trip. If you were going to quit you had to do so while in port. The other two deckhands had quit and although the engineer and second mate were asking me to stay,Continue reading “Coming Home From Alaska”

Working as a Deckhand on a Tugboat on the Yukon River in Alaska

My first year of university was at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. It is a beautiful city not far from Vancouver British Columbia and the spectacular San Juan Islands are nearby. My freshman year I had decided to focus on pre-medical studies with the aim of being a doctor. I studied hard and finishedContinue reading “Working as a Deckhand on a Tugboat on the Yukon River in Alaska”

Imagine There’s No Countries…East Berlin 1983

I was on my way to Norway to work on the pig farm. It was March, 1983. I had been in Munich for a few days. I went out to the 1972 Olympic site. I recalled how hostages were taken there and it was all played out on TV. I did not understand the politicsContinue reading “Imagine There’s No Countries…East Berlin 1983”

Trapped by a Flood in Andorra Part II

The rain continued for around 24 hours and by that time the devastation was becoming obvious. I remember over hearing of multiple deaths, but I was not completely aware of how bad the situation was. In one sense it was kind of exciting because it is not an everyday event. All the power was out andContinue reading “Trapped by a Flood in Andorra Part II”

Trapped by a Flood in Andorra

When I was planning for my extended journey, I was focused primarily on Europe, so I read everything I could about Europe. I read about World War I, World War II and the history before that. I also studied maps. I was looking at different ways to travel and their was something called Eurail atContinue reading “Trapped by a Flood in Andorra”

Hiking in Norway…Midnight Sun and Hardanger Vidda

One of the amazing things in Norway is the many places to go hiking. In the Winter, Norwegians “Ga Pa Ski” (cross country ski) a lot. In the Summers these same areas become accessible on foot for hiking. I spent probably a month in the mountains and rarely saw another person. I enjoyed the solitudeContinue reading “Hiking in Norway…Midnight Sun and Hardanger Vidda”

Land of The Midnight Sun

I will get back to the pig farm in my next post. Still some more stories there. Norway is a beautiful country shaped by valleys, rivers and mountains. Due to its latitude it experiences the midnight sun in the Summer months. When I was there 37 years ago, the tradition was to go sit byContinue reading “Land of The Midnight Sun”

Entry 2 From The Norwegian Pig Farm

Arriving on the farm in Norway was an abrupt change from a rather whimsical life of travel. When I arrived on Brekke Gard as the farm was named, I had been on the road almost seven months. While traveling I made plans as they came up. I would always buy a big paper map ofContinue reading “Entry 2 From The Norwegian Pig Farm”