Bahrain Weekend Trip

Denny and I decided to take a quick weekend trip from Abu Dhabi to Manama, Bahrain. It is about an hour flight and quite cheap. Bahrain is an extremely small country. It is located close to Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Qatar is tiny but much bigger than Bahrain. There are around 1.5 million citizens. WeContinue reading “Bahrain Weekend Trip”

My favorite campground _ White River Campground, Mt Rainier – State of Washington

The White River Campground, which is in Mt Rainier National Park is one of my favorite places on the planet. Over a 10 year period my son and I camped and hiked there about eight of those years. My daughter did go a couple of times but she didn’t enjoy it quite the way GregContinue reading “My favorite campground _ White River Campground, Mt Rainier – State of Washington”

Lopez Island, Washington State – Family Property

My dad, Robert Boyce (same name as my son), purchased 10 acres on López Island in the San Juan Islands in the mid 1960s. I won’t mention the price but you will pay more for a used car now. It is a sort of pie shaped property, wide at the road and narrow at theContinue reading “Lopez Island, Washington State – Family Property”

Lucky to be Alive- Lopez Island, Washington State

In the Summer of 2007, I had just finished my first year as an assistant principal in a high school in the State of Washington. It was a challenging year as all years are as a high school administrator. My roles included: supervisión of instructors in science, math, social studies and physical education; overseeing theContinue reading “Lucky to be Alive- Lopez Island, Washington State”

Panama April 2014 with my Son Gregory Orion

In Spring of 2014, my kids and I decided that they would each choose a place to travel because their Spring breaks from school did not coincide. Greg chose Panama and Sierra chose Greece. Both excellent choices. I was living in Abu Dhabi, so first I met Sierra in Athens and then traveled back toContinue reading “Panama April 2014 with my Son Gregory Orion”