More about Pig Farming in Norway

I dedicate this entry to Per-Otto Haaje, who taught me about pig farming and his family that treated me like one of their own. Years later, my parents met up with them in Oslo, Norway. Their daughter, Siri-Anne came to my state to attend Washington State University for a while. She was about 10 whenContinue reading “More about Pig Farming in Norway”

Letter writing back in the day

When I left home for more than a year in the early 1980s, nobody had cell phones, the internet was not here and few people ever made international calls. They were extremely expensive. So when traveling, I would buy postcards and write family and friends. After writing, I would get stamps and then find aContinue reading “Letter writing back in the day”

Iftar at Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi with my father-in-law

One of the things I miss most about Abu Dhabi is the month of Ramadan and the nightly iftars. I will not go into great detail about Ramadan here, but it is the month of fasting for all muslims. The timing of the month changes by about 11 days per year if I am notContinue reading “Iftar at Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi with my father-in-law”


This post is dedicated to my twins, Aisha Marie Boyce and Robert James Boyce, who are gifts that give every day. They are precious. The summer in Abu Dhabi is unbearably hot, sometimes remaining near 45 degrees C, even hitting 50 (over 120 F). So we were looking for a cooler place where our 15Continue reading “Mauritius”


The Maldives is a one of a kind country. Paradise on earth one might say. The word ethereal comes to mind. Both times that I was there I felt as though I had left the earth. The rest of the world becomes a distant memory when there. Typically one flies into the big island, MaheContinue reading “Maldives”

Amazing Iceland Road Trip with My Son

I dedicate this entry to my son, Gregory Orion Boyce. While I was living in Abu dhabi and my son was in the USA, I had him choose places for us to travel to. His first choice was Panama and then the next trip was Iceland. I must say he made great picks. When weContinue reading “Amazing Iceland Road Trip with My Son”

Tubis, Rolos and Redecillas in the Dominican Republic

Dedicated to my wonderful wife who is so beautiful she doesn’t need beauty salons In the Dominican Republic, women taking care of their hair plays a significant role in the culture. Beauty salons in general are a huge part of the social fabric. Pedicures, manicures, eyebrow cleaning, hair coloring, drying and of course all theContinue reading “Tubis, Rolos and Redecillas in the Dominican Republic”

Why Travel?

If someone asked me what I enjoy doing or what hobbies I have, invariably I have to say traveling. I enjoy athletics, was immersed in running marathons, have learned several languages, enjoy music, etcetera. But…I love travel. The big question is why? Today I decided to google search why others travelled and see how itContinue reading “Why Travel?”

Human Culture is like the Sea and the Earth

Human cultures are much like the sea or the earth. What you see on the surface is a result of invisible forces that one cannot deeply comprehend without going deep. Even after exploring the depths one will never fully understand the currents and tremors that have created the culture. Even those born in a cultureContinue reading “Human Culture is like the Sea and the Earth”